Starting Diamond

Starting the Diamond T
  • Former owner Bob Westacott is at the wheel to start the engine as John Huber and I look on. It was a bit reluctant, but when it started it sparked a cheer from  everyone present.  It ran beautifully. Short movies can be selected at the Diamond T Home Page.  John, who had overhauled the engine, and I were very tense and nervous but relieved when it started---there were so many little things that could have gone wrong. The newly overhauled engine had not been started since 1979.
  • John and I listen to Bob relating another bit of the truck's history while it was in his family.
  • Shirley inquired about the rust pits in the top rail of the frame. I assured her that they were of very little consequence. Just surface blemishes in areas where the old platform had contacted the frame.
  • I am talking with Joel Westacott, Bob and Shirley's son. Bob and my son Scott listen in. Joel is one of the kids pictured in one of  the historic photo of the truck on the Westacott farm.
  • Joel is explaining something about the truck. I don't remember just what they were talking about.
  • Shirley and Bob discussing the gas can as a temporary gas tank as he had done when I first drove the truck in 1972. The gas tank had a leak at that time. Now the gas tank needs to be replaced because it is so rusted.
  • Still more discussion of the frame and running gear.
  • More stories and questions.
  • It looks like Shirley is just as interested as I am in what Bob is saying.
  • Bob again checking out the interior. I think he liked what he saw.
  • A couple of old guys talking trucks.
  • Here is the Westacott family. Left to right, Bob and Shirley's son Daniel, daughter Barb LeTourneau, son Joel holding grandson Brian, grandaughter Ellen. Then Shirley, Bob and daughter Mary Hermans. Not pictured was Barb's husband Neal. They all came out to witness Bob starting the engine, the first time it had been run sence 1979. What a great event!
  • Here Sheila and I have joined Bob and Shirley with Joel and Brian and Ellen.
  • Here is Bob looking pretty smug and pleased. A couple of friends showed up with their Model A's to add to the festivities. The A in the center is mine.
  • We had a wonderful lunch after the starting of the truck. John's wife Connie brought great baked beans. We served sloppy joes and such. Barb brought the great cake, fashioned after the truck. It looks like Brian is ready to eat.
  • Joel is dishing up a plate for son Brian while Mary waits her turn.
  • When I first glanced at this picture on my small-srceen digital camera I couldn't remember the truck being on a wet floor.   Click  here  to go back to the Diamond T home page for more about the Diamond T.