Moving the mill

Moving the mill into the garage
  • Here we are removing the shipping pallet to gain the few inches needed to clear the height restrictions under the deck.
  • The remnants of the pallet were removed and the mill set back down.
  • The clearance under the deck was only a couple of inches.
  • A chain hoist was suspended from two 2 X 10s that spanned the deck planking to distribute the load on the deck. The balance problem was easily solved by simply cranking the table toward the column.
  • We used pipes as rollers to move the mill.
  • John Huber is admiring the setup.
  • Rollers were added to the front as they rolled out of the back.
  • The rollers made moving the mill very easy.
  • The mill with its head brought upright and ready for cleaning and wiring. A three-phase adapter is mounted on the electric service panel.   The parrot (perched on the motor) sat in this position on the mill at Elliott hall  for 28 years before coming home to roost here.
  • The mill has not moved again.  Click  here  to go back to the home page.