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This is a view of the open living area looking into the bedroom.
Sheila is looking into one of the fully stocked cupboards in the kitchen while taking our first look at the cabin before making an offer to buy. We were really…
This is a view of the cabin as seen from School Road.
We replaced the wood stove with a gas parlor stove. Here an 18” hammer drill is used to make a hole for a new gas line. The drill had to go diagonally through…
The kitchen is complete with an antique butcher block table.
This is the kitchen area with the bathroom and shower beyond.
Here the new gas parlor stove is burning brightly.
A terrific windstorm happened one night while we were in bed. When we got up in the morning we found that the awning that had covered our deck had been blown…
The wind storm that happened on July 21 also flattened our flag pole and blew down an apple tree that was full of almost ripe apples.