Barn Restoration

This is the barn as it looked shortly before the roof collapsed. I had tried to keep up with the loosening tin roofing but during one repair attempt I was working from a ladder attached to a rope over the roof with the other end tied to a tractor. I had tied a loop and knot in the rope to raise the ladder to a new position. While I was on the ladder the knot slipped and the ladder with me on it slid down the roof until the slack was taken up. I managed to hang on as the ladder stopped, otherwise I would have fallen onto a cattle chute made of oak 2 x 6’s some 15 ft. below. I never went back on the roof. For lack of maintenance, the roof eventually fell in.We rebuilt the barn starting in 2008. It now has a truss roof and a heated partition that serves as Sheila’s studio. The remaining floor space houses my project vehicles.


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